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Galveston Insulation Company Services gives every homeowner a wide array of insulation services that meet every need their home has.

Our services start by giving your old insulation an inspection that is free of charge to ensure that the whole project will be carried out safely and excellently.

Our team can provide the best insulation services for you, from cutting to fitting an insulation type for your home and all these are offered at a very affordable price that will not put a hole in your pocket.

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Spray foam insulation

Insulating a home with spray foam is very beneficial for many homeowners, particularly those who are looking for ways to give their home an outstanding soundproofing ability.

Spray foam insulation is a tested and proven way to protect the interior and even the exterior walls of any residential or commercial property and maintain its best possible thermal performance all year round.

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Residential Spray Foam

Using spray foam as your preferred residential property insulation companion is one of the best decisions to make not only because this is a type that can attend to many needs of your house and resolve countless insulating issues but it also lasts for a very long time.

This only proves just how efficient residential insulation is and how investing in this project will never disappoint you.


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Commercial Spray Foam

Commercial spray foam insulation is an effective way to lower the energy costs of a building and protect its structure.

Insulating a commercial property using spray foam helps in producing a cooler temperature for the whole place and gives out the best indoor air quality.

With the help of this project, you can guarantee that your business place has a better working environment.

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Attic insulation

Turning your attic into the best place where comfort and safety are always present is not an impossible thing to do with the magnifying presence of insulation.

Every attic insulation project produces myriad benefits for homeowners to enjoy and prove that investing their money to get their attic well-insulated is worth every amount and effort they have given to complete the whole project.

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Garage insulation

It is difficult for a house to achieve the best thermal performance if a garage is not properly insulated because it is a space that can absorb so much heat that can penetrate on your walls and make your house a hot place.

With garage insulation, your place can resist heat so much better and with this process, your garage will also a have a better appearance and environment.

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Fiberglass Insulation

Insulating a house with fiberglass is cheaper than other types, which not only reduces the cost of insulation projects, but also helps keep the space as heat resistant as possible.

Fiberglass insulation has helped many homeowners transform their homes into a place with a better temperature and more comfortable atmosphere.

With this insulation project, you can enjoy a home that is safe from the damages caused by the intense weather conditions.

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Crawl Space Insulation

Crawl spaces are in need of high-quality insulation too, which is why crawl space insulation should be your next insulation project if you want to improve the overall condition of your home.

By insulating a crawl space, you give this part of your home the ability to increase the comfort that you experience inside your house.

With a well-insulated crawl space, your home is also safe from many harmful bacteria that may threaten your health.


We extend our services to guide you throughout the process.

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What is the best type of insulation for my house?

The best type of insulation for a home may vary per household and this is because each home has a specific need or issue that has to be addressed as soon as possible. Any insulation could be the best type for your home as long as it meets all its needs and gives it a stable thermal performance all year long and does not weigh you and your budget.

How can I tell if my house is well insulated?

To tell if your house is well-insulated, you have to make sure that you get all the benefits that it promises to present to you and your home. A better and more stable thermal performance should always be present if your home is properly insulated. Take note also that your home should have the ability to deter pests and foster greater soundproofing to protect you against any disturbing noise.

What areas of a home are most commonly insulated?

While there are many areas of a home that can be insulated to help you in achieving a better temperature for your home, there are areas that homeowners prioritize to get insulated first. Attic insulation tops the list, as the most common insulation project, followed by insulating the walls, ceiling as well as floors; the basement also comes as one of these common home insulation investments.

How much does insulation cost?

Insulation costs also vary from one insulation project to another, and because there are many types of insulation, the cost is mostly dictated by the price of the insulation type one chooses to install in their homes. The cost to insulate a house also depends on how big the area that needs insulation, and do not forget about the suggested quote of your hired insulation contractor that you also have to pay.

How often do you have to replace insulation?

The most admiring quality of insulation is that it can last for decades without having to spend over and over again to maintain its quality. Insulation types are known to last for up to 80 years, but tough weather conditions may also lessen their lifespan. Insulation does not have to be replaced often as it is mostly replaced after fifteen to twenty years to maintain your home’s excellent thermal performance.

Will insulating my home save money?

A home that is well-insulated helps not only by keeping the building’s condition at its finest but also produces greater savings for homeowners. Insulation helps in increasing your savings by lowering your energy costs through the reduced use of cooling devices and lesser renovation costs, since insulation helps a building maintain great structural integrity that can survive even the most unbearable climate.


Hiring the best professional contractors to remove and install your insulation results in acquiring these benefits.

Increases the value of your home

Insulation is an investment that helps in growing the value of your home by producing significant benefits and advantages that only an insulated home can get.

Now that a home is properly insulated, it can now have an incomparable thermal performance; it can also produce lower energy bills.

Intense protection and increased comfort is also guaranteed once you insulate a home; all these benefits transform your home into a property with a higher value.

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Saves money on energy bills

The high consumption of cooling appliances is the main reason why a homeowner needs to deal with a high energy bill every year.

With the help of insulation’s ability to produce better indoor air temperature without having to depend on other devices produces a drastic change in the amount of one’s energy bills.

Installing high-quality insulation fosters a lower energy bill so homeowners can get as much as 15 percent savings in energy costs.

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Reduces noise

A better and more peaceful atmosphere is what homeowners can get once they decide to insulate several parts of their homes.

Insulation is a popular solution to what seems to be a never-ending disturbance brought on by the bustling city or any noise that may come from outside the house.

The thickness of insulation material that serves as a barrier is what makes it very efficient in soundproofing the walls and ceilings of a house.

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Protects the environment

Insulation lowers the consumption of many home appliances, which makes the home a more energy-efficient place.

This quality of one’s home helps in protecting the environment by reducing the emission of many kinds of pollutants that only inflict more harm to the environment.

Insulation is sustainable as it can serve one’s home for many decades; it is also very eco-friendly, especially those that are crafted from recyclable materials such as newspapers.

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Keeps temperature stable

Maintaining the best temperature in your home is not easy, especially if you live in places with extreme weather conditions.

With the help of insulation that serves as a thick barrier for your walls, ceilings, and floors, your home will be able to defend itself against extreme heat that may affect its overall thermal performance.

It can suffice the need of your home for cooler air to survive the summer heat and warmth during the cold winter days.

Deters pests

Pests do nothing but contribute further destruction to your home’s overall structure, that is why keeping them at bay helps in maintaining the safety of your home.

Pests and insects can easily find a way to invade your space if it is not well insulated, but with insulation, every hole and crack is closed, so there will be no space for any pest to penetrate your home.

By keeping these pests away from your space, you can have a healthier and safer home to stay in.

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